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Welcome to 2011 – new look, new newness, it’s all new!

So would you believe that a 10-minute write up of a crossword puzzle that doesn’t exist, based on a challenge in a thread on the Crossword Center brought this blog twice as much traffic as it has ever seen on a single day?

Tempting though it is to write more reviews of non-existent puzzles, it seems that there are some crossword fans hurting for entertainment out there, so I set on a little relaunch.  I’ve put in more widgets, some links (if I’ve forgotten you, please let me know), added my picture of the empty grid from Elap as an icon and in 2011, George vs the Listener will be your destination for crossword entertainment.  I’ll be posting some puzzles, separating my entries for writing awful clues for the Azed competitions (and other clue-writing competitions) and bringing other bitties and pieces to the table, as well as sticking to the core mission of bettering my record on the Listener crossword.

So welcome to 2011, and I hope you enjoy the ride.

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