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Top of the Square

The Listener Crossword has the Ascot Gold Cup for best puzzle of the year, as voted on by all-correct solvers.  Four times a year, the Listener runs a numerical crossword, which polarize solvers even more than Playfair squares.  Some solvers love them, some solvers refuse to do them.  Some setters specialize in the numericals, and are unlikely to get much love in the Ascot Gold Cup.  So at a suggestion by regular numerical setter, Oyler, in this dank cupboard of the internet we can regale in the best of the rest.  The favorite puzzle of the seasonal challenge.  The best of the four numerical puzzles of the year… the Top of the Square.

2013 Winner:  Killer Queen by gwizardry

A deck of cards with missing cards.  A reference to one of the greatest bands ever.  A series of poker games.  And a challenge I was personally not up to – I could not get to the finish of this one.  But in our inaugural Top of the Square poll, Killer Queen ran away with the honors.

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