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I always thought the Wiggles were on acid

It’s the great poor timing catch-up part 2! This puzzle appeared the day I was to fly to Los Angeles, and the day before my flight to Japan. And it’s Sabre, and the grid is already giving me a headache before even looking at the preamble.

OK – so a bunch of five-letter answers, several of which are unclued. Some other answers that start in a numbered square and wiggle around the grid. It may not be the first letter of the five-letter answers that goes in the central square of each entry point.

Um so do what now?

Perhaps it was a good thing that only strangers on planes were going to see me with this. I promised my traveling companions I would not spend the whole trip doing crosswords (though when I got up early enough and the internet was working I kept up with the Times and Guardian dailies). So I had to get this done in one overnight in LA.

If you are in LA near LAX and have an afternoon to kill, I highly recommend the Inglewood neighbourhood. There’s some nice restaurants and bars and even a microbrewery (Three Weavers). The more beers I tried, the more this grid would melt, thaw and resolve into a dew (better start on the Shakespeare jokes early right, we all know what is coming up).

We know this is going to end badly, so let’s get to the misery that is my grid.

My working grid for Listener 4505, Wiggles by Sabre

I think what was the most demoralizing about this one is the very very few filled in squares given the number of clues I really did solve. A look at my complete print-out and I have more than half of the clues worked out, I just have no idea how to write them in. I even made a guess that the last word of the phrase was going to be PAIRS.

Yet again, a complete and utter victory for Sabre and the Listener Crossword, and I know several people were confused by the strange guy at the brewery with his funny looking puzzle that he barely wrote in.

Game over:  50% completion (of clues), 3% completion (of grid)

I was good to my word, and did not look at any Listener puzzles while I was in Japan (I think I got this one back out for the trip back), so I was already three weeks behind in printing out the next puzzle, where Ifor welcomed me back to the country with… well, we will see soon!

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