George vs the Azed clueing competition – BLOATING

I suspect I was in the top 214 entries this time, maybe as high as 207.  I picked the same wordplay as 4 of the VHC clues (including Phi, though he went very &litty).  So I must have had a terrible surface or used an intransigent verb when I should have used a transient one.  Here’s my latest non-placing clue.

O for English whining hoove! (8)  [O for E in BLEATING]

I thought I might have gotten a novelty bonus point in using the noun definition of BLOATING and clueing it as a verb, but that wasn’t to be.

I can take some solace in not clueing O as gas

I didn’t realise 2014 was a competition puzzle, so I didn’t send in a clue.  Anyone else want to share their own failed clues, or criticize mine?



6 Responses

  1. George
    I would keep an eye on The AZED slip. Fantastic examples of top clue writing, and tips about limes and dislikes from the man himself.

  2. I put a link to the archive on the main blog… neither of us got a mention in BLOATING or HACKETTE (if you submitted). Hoove was not mentioned in the Azed slip, so there goes that brainwave.

    Submitted clues to two other clue-writing calls this week, so let’s see if anything comes of them.

  3. I found Bloating too difficult. My ‘hackette’ clue didn’t make it. Here’s hoping for February!

  4. georgethebastard, i would struggle to solve your bloating clue but like it a lot. my own was – “blowing up after knocking back a goan balti piggishly” – blowing up (def) after knocking back a (rejecting a) goan balti (gon balti ) piggishly (signifying anagram). this was my first attempt at clueing for AZED and perhaps should be my last but should i try again, just what is the correct procedure? last time i squeezed it into the small space below the preamble on the xword submission. regards BB

    • On the page it says to attach your clue (with your contact details) onto a separate sheet. So I submit the crossword and a separate sheet with the clue and analysis.

      If I may… not sure if “piggishly” works that well as an anagram indicator (what about a pig is jumbled?) – and it has “after” as a link word – after doesn’t really link the definition to the wordplay. And is a “goan balti” a real thing?

      I’d say if you have fun making up clues, keep on going – if you’re submitting the puzzle already it’s no extra effort or cost to send in a clue.

      And thanks for commenting!

  5. thanks for the critique and the information.

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