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The three laws of moronics: a moron must hurt another moron. A moron must allow harm to come to other morons. A moron does not know how many laws there are.

Welcome back to George vs lack of an internet connection.  I was in Sydney last week visiting my sister, and take away my internet and I’m like a hermit crab – every 10 steps I was waving my smartarse phone around looking for a connection.  Can I get a wi-fi?  I did a carefully calculated attack – Starbucks gives 1 hour of free internet if you buy a certain quantity of coffee, so I schlepped the laptop there and belted out my regular contribution to Times for the Times on Thursday, but that left the regularish nattering of Listener-related irreverence.  Which had to wait.

Not that there is all that much worth waiting for – Radix’s final puzzle.  A man who has been critical of my making light of crosswords, but did send me a nice postcard once when I submitted a correct solution.  Part of the Mango crew who get much pleasure from taunting me electronically.  And a setter with whom I could never really come to grips with his puzzles.

That track record continued here, I’m afraid!  There was a lot going on here, and even those normal clues that were to be entered with unchecked letters missing were bloody difficult. I did pretty well on the right hand side, where it looked like we were heading for SEATTLE and OSIRIS with the composite clues.

Given that we were told mathematical manipulations might be needed I tried adding together some words of the composite clues… well it did for EFFETELY + HINDUISE = MOTIONED.  We were told 1, 27, 53 etc… so maybe multiplication?  That worked for FRUITION X GREEN BAN = PLASTRON but I couldn’t figure out how HANJAR and SHERRY were going to give OSIRIS.

Possible letters for the unchecked options near the end suggested ASIMOV, so I figured it must have something to do with the Laws of Robotics, but my extra/missing/duplicated letters didn’t seem to be close to and of the Asimov novels or stories I had read.

So in the end an utter dismal failure.  I’ve now seen the solution, and I wonder if “Runaround” is too obscure to be fair?  There wasn’t much here to help the solver out along the way.  Probably big sour grapes from another failure – 2014 is not my year.  A final Victory to Radix and the Listener Crossword.

2014 tally:  36-3-9

Feel free to tell me that since I have no mouth I shouldn’t scream, and see you next week when Artix may P O One

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