In my case, it is kind of a shite kite

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, your weekly dose of poor grammar, solving, and hoping that a grid gets set on fire.

Rounding out the last few Listeners of 2017 is Zero – I had originally thought Zero to be a new setter, but a glance back and I’ve done two Zero Listeners from nearly 10 years ago, so welcome back to the solving fold, Zero.  Fold, geddit?  The instructions say that at the end there’s going to be a set of strange folding procedures.  Hmm. What else do we have – extra words in some clues, and some blank spots and a big gap in the middle that gets some letter spillage.  Hmmm… and look at those 17-letter entries at 14 and 42!!! I don’t recall any 17-letter words outside of a Jumbo.

There is a 1 across, and it is a reversal of LIE followed by D and so a big pass on the 1 across test, woohoo!

This was a strange solve – I had the sides finished well before anything much in the middle.  I was tentative on putting GUTTY, ACUTE and BLAND in there because I was thinking there would have to be some letters poking in from there.  The two 17-letter answers (I was sure that was going to be a gap in the one at the top but that wasn’t the case) opened up the letters that did poke into the middle region and it was clear that LET’S GO was part of it, and ITE down the bottom but I had a stray L from the end of STROLL that I didn’t know what to do with.

OK – something must be going on here – I only had ?RY at 32 down… can it stretch all the way up to that L? Yes, it can… I was making a mess of that clue, looking for a 4-letter answer but really it’s an anagram for FAKERY… LET’S GO FL A KITE – aaah, it’s CHOKEY that is my last one in!  We are going to make a kite out of the grid!  I had been listing the extra words without thinking about across and down, and of course the across ones are all kites.  I should have seen that sooner!

OK – I made a copy of my grid, cut it up and tried a few times to follow the instructions in the preamble.  Those of you who have been around for a while and have seen my poor efforts at cranes and L-shaped rooms know that manual dexterity is not my strong point, and I eventually had to look for a youtube video explaining how to fold a kite before I got this…

my poorly-folded kite

Eh, it is kiteish. The down extra words are ASPECT RATIO OF RECTANGLE EXPRESSED AS SQUARE ROOT – the ratio of 17:11 is close to the square root of 2, so there we go.

My working grid for Listener 4482, A Paper Construction by Zero

Wow.  OK – this was rather fun although I got frustrated by the folding part at the end.  I did like the letters poking into the middle part (thankfully they weren’t in knight’s moves) to get the song.  Best of all, I think I can call this a Victory to George, though I don’t think I can give myself 100% because of the lousy folding job.

Game over, 98% completion

Feel free to tell me that I’m the worst kite flyer since Benjamin Franklin and see you next week when Jago has a puzzle based on my favorite backhanded compliment