A sticky wicket at Hastings

Welcome back to George vs the Listener crossword now only a day late.

Looks like we have a new setter this week in Puffin, so hi Puffin if you are looking in, or if you looked in yesterday and thought I had ignored you.  What have we here – extra words in clues, and some unclued bits, and some highlighting.  Looks like real words in the grid, and we actually have some indication where to put them this week, after two carte blanches in a row.

There is a 1 across and it looks like O,DD,SON with an extra word beginning with A (oh goody, the achievement begins with an A), but that does mean a big pass on the 1 across test, woohoo!

I made pretty good work of the top half of the grid, and as ARTH?RMAIL.. appeared I’m wondering if there really is going to be a puzzle about ARTHUR MAILEY???  When you are an Aussie kid growing up in the 70s and listening to Richie Benaud and Terry Jenner talking cricket on the radio, you’ve got it ingrained that Mailey once took all ten wickets in an innings – his biography was called “10/66 And All That”, and I read it a long long time ago.  And here he is in the Listener.

But of course – it’s now going back to the battle of Hastings!

And of course a few weeks ago we had a puzzle by Stick Insect, and when looking back over my notes I was reminded that there was a puzzle from last year about Harold getting an arrow in the eye.  Looks like it’s happening again!

My working grid for Listener 4472, Sharp Work by Puffin

I was so happy with getting a theme immediately that I didn’t even notice that originally the incorrect number of cells to shade was listed – ONE IN THE EYE with HAROLD DEPOSED making the shape of an arrow.  I was done and dusted in under an hour, woohoo!  Victory to George, and a fun debut from Puffin.

Game over, 100% completion.

Feel free to remind me of the current state of Australian cricket, and I’ll see you next week (hopefully) when Ifor gives us even more cricket!