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Let us take you on a journey through tttime and space

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, and another week where I plumb forgot to scan the grid before leaving this morning, whoopsie.

The last tnap puzzle from about two years ago ended up being a lot of substitution work so I had to resort to Excel to get it done.  This one has another bunch of answers to be entered in a weird way, and in one case it says real words, but it is ominously left out of the other substitution. So… yeah.

There is a 1 across – and it’s a gentle starter – AS,AN,A for the only yoga position known to crossword-dom… vrikisana probably doesn’t work in any grids.  So our comment begins with an R.  I put it in gently, and pretty quickly saw the first of the entries that needed changing as there wasn’t enough room for CANTICUMS and there was too much room for ANTON. Working further along the grid, there is too much room for ETEN, and not enough room for FULL LENGTH though the end of it seems to be intact.  Hmm… something about the three Ls? Are there any other multiple letters?  Well if 42 is SKILLLESS there’s another triple L… are the three L’s combined?  That would work for SHELL-LIKE as well.  Hmmm…

I had A??TTON for where ANTON should go, ?NT?TO?OIC for where ENTOZOIC should go and ET??TEN for ETEN… are the T’s triples?

Are we in the realm of two puzzles referencing modern physics hot on the heels of each other?  We had waves and particles late last year, could this be time dilation and length contraction?  That would make the quote Einstein, but the letters I have don’t mean much. The end looks like NICHT so it must be in German… I found it on Einstein’s wikiquote, but I think that’s a little odd…

So that explains eight of the changes, there’s still the jumbles… CANTICUMS… to SIN??TE… it could become SINUATE if we remove M, C, C and replace by E… so there’s the other Einstein connection, E = mc^2.

Fortunately there wasn’t a lot left to do at this point, I had all the words that needed the substitution and jumbling, so after two fairly long solving sessions, I had a grid!

(grid will go here when I get my act into gear).

What an odd puzzle. I liked the substitutions, I liked the theme, but I thought it was odd that a German quotation was used that would probably have to be found online.  The English version is in ODQ, but not the German. According to ODQ it is carved in the mathematics hall at Princeton, which probably means I’ve walked by it.

I think I have everything sorted out, so I can call this one a Victory to George, woohoo!

Game over, 100% completion.

Feel free to tell me that I should be converted into energy, and see you next week when The Ace of Hearts asks us to give a title to their new song.



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