Stick a pin in me, I’m done

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, sadly back on home soil again – if you are looking for a party situation par excellence, I can highly recommend New Orleans. I hope those that went to the Listeners Annual Dinner had a good time and a speedy recovery (and my very best to Jane who is recovering from something quite painful and unsettling).

OKeydoke – what have we here – biggish grid at 13×13.  Lots of clues, but all normal. 13 clashes (hmm…) and some replacements/deletions at the end. Better get solving then!

The first three squares in the grid are for down entries, so we are left with a 4-across… and a partial fail on the 4 across test – as the definition and the second half of the clue seem to be pointing at BOMB(a), but I can’t figure out what sort of BOMB from the rest of the wordplay.

11 across INGATE gets me going, and most of the left hand side of the grid came together pretty handily… but with no clashes (though the M at the end of GYM looked tempting). This was a bit of a theme – I had a very hard time finding clashes – my first definite one was not until IDEES/WINE.  There were a number of all-checked entries where I was pretty sure there was a clash and had to play with letters to find them (SECATEURS/GEAN for example). From the clashes it became apparent that we were replacing the letters in SUMMER FLOWERS with letters to make real words. I was at one point convinced there was going to be one clash per column, and scrutinised column 2 over and over to see if I had missed anything.  It got down to the last two unfilled squares in the grid both needing to be part of words with clashes (RADULAR and DOME – the last being one of those pesky, all-checked entries).

I was relieved like nobody’s business when I put in the extra letters to word wizards and got LEPIDOPTERIST, who would use a BUTTERFLY NET.  I had noticed ORANGE PIP and DUGONG in the grid, which could become ORANGE TIP and BUGONG – AGGER could become EGGER and so we are looking for butterflies and moths.

Three fairly long solving sessions later – et voila!

My working grid for Listener 4492, Mad Toms Traps by Hedge-sparrow

Wow that was an intricate puzzle. Fortunately the endgame didn’t take anywhere near as long as the gridfill, which was a real hunt and peck for the clashes.  I believe I can call this one a Victory to George, and with the quantity of the thematic matter in the grid (look at that – the only answers that don’t end up being part of any thematic material are OBAN, MAAING and ORIBI) everything needed to be completely understood for a solution

Game over: 100 %

Feel free to tell me that I should just go for the ether, and see you next week, when Nutmeg puts an imp on the railroad tracks.


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