Two replacements, including a blog week?

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword. Ever had one of those weeks where you were so busy you thought you had done something, and it turns out you didn’t?  Well guess who didn’t put Pointer in the picture.

My working grid for Listener 4489, Ocean-going Vessel by Pointer

I don’t have a great deal new to contribute (but then again, when have I ever had a great deal to contribute?) – the grid fill was lightning fast – less than 20 minutes. The first change was obvious, and there seemed to be only one plausible change in 2 down, but a few in 22 across,  I was getting nervous. Since everything changed twice, if it was 13 changing that would have to be SHIP OF THESEUS, which rang a bell (and looking it up, clearly this was what the puzzle was about), so I went to the other end and started knitting things back up from 6 down.

Gridfill:  20 minutes.  Spot the theme: 5 minutes.  Fiddle with those letter changes… fartoobloodylong! On the other hand I didn’t know TRIGGER’S BROOM, but when I saw BROOM as a possibility near the bottom it popped up, and I could get those last few changes.

Ponter’s puzzles have been nothing if not odd, and tend to involve a lot of grid changing (remember the alphabet soup one?). In the end I liked it, but it was mighty frustrating having so long an endgame.

Game over:  100% completion, and a hangdog victory to George (though not in the sense of getting a blog up in a timely fashion).

Speaking of which, I have less than two hours before the solution to REJOB comes out, so see you in a few hours for some numerical musings.


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  1. Hi George,
    Seems perfect enough timing to me – thanks for the blog! I’ve only just yesterday got through the backlog of my three unwritten blogs for the Listen With Others site – just in time for this afternoon’s first publication at 4pm UK time!

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