Doing a nought

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword. Your weekly dose of… well maybe it was premonition last week, where after my rant about the second amendment and gun control in the US, some idiot went and killed a bunch of kids. Thoughts and prayers resounding all round. Anyhoo, it’s Elgin time! Haven’t done that many Elgin puzzles (and I’ve failed on several of them), but the constant appears to be a lot of work in getting the grid together.  Here we have normal clues, but it really looks like down clues are going to be jumbled based on the preamble.

What can I say?  1 was thematic, so I had to go to 11 across for the 1 across test, and at least it was ENTER,ATE… but I had a really hard time getting enough across answers to really get a start on this grid, especially since the ones I got, mostly in the bottom of the grid, seemed to be hinting at jumbling rather than some sort of actual sort.

I thought I was getting somewhere near the bottom, where it looked like there was a LAWRENCE forming.  DH? TE? Since we were jumbling, the title was somewhere I looked for some inspiration.  It is an anagram of GOODS TRAIN, but that’s not helping with any titles.

I have a feeling this is going to be another puzzle with no real hints at a piece of work I’m not familiar with.  I’m typing this up about an hour after the solution was published, so let’s go put myself out of my misery, eh?

My working grid for Listener 4487, Doing a Sort by Elgin

Well don’t I feel like a bit of an idiot now… I love that movie! So it was THE LADYKILLERS, with Alec Guinness, Herbert Lom and Peter Sellers at their evil best, and the GOODS TRAIN was pertinent.

Well and truly flummoxed, so a big Victory to Elgin and the Listener Crossword, and as seems befitting, my all-correct streak didn’t even make it out of the first month. Better luck next year.  Now let’s put on a gramophone recording of Boccherini, and wallow in my lack of finding the lolly (and congratulations to Homer, who appears to have snagged some this week).

Game over:  15% completion

Feel free to tell me that even the little old lady finished this one on the first try, and see you next week when Xanthippe has me looking at options.


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