And the winner is – the one person on the planet who has an indigo highlighter

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword. And with this post we wrap up 10 years of utter mediocrity.  A time where I have gone from a 50% correct solver to a… well maybe 75%? I’ve never quite hit the lofty all-correct streaks that the immortals crow over, but I will admit it is more fun when you can get close (which may be what he said). OK, let’s put 2017 to bed.

Regular solvers will breathe a sigh of relief when they see the name Jago.  Jago typically serves up softballs, and the only time I’ve messed up on a Jago Listener is when there’s folding involved.  In this case there’s no folding, but there is diagonal lines.  Clues are normal, and there’s some unclued entries, so let’s get to solving.

I guess there’s not much to say about the solving process – Jago even goes as far to have a generous anagram at 1 across, so a big pass on the 1 across test.  It became clear early on that the diagonal lines were in the left hand side, focusing WHITE LIGHT onto a PRISM, and there’s the rainbow colours on the other side.   I think I was done in under 45 minutes, just about the quickest Listener solve for me.  It may have taken longer to hunt down the appropriate markers than it did to solve the puzzle,

My working grid for Listener 4483, a Little Ray of Sunshine by Jago

Thanks for the ego-boost, Jago!  Victory to George, and game over with 100% completion!  A rather sweet little puzzle to end out the year, while Jago’s puzzles are typically easy, they are in general elegant, and here we have multiple layers of symmetry as well as the colors hidden in order!

And so ends the first(?) ten years of George vs the Listener Crossword. I’ll be back next week, sorry about that.

Feel free to tell me that my brain was the original model for the prism, and see you next week when… oh, great, it’s Schadenfreude to start the year, Schadenfreude describes his ideal AirBnb.


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