Yikes, I think I got one!

Welcome back to George vs the Listener, where when it rains, it pours Listener write-ups! Two in one day, and now back to only one day late, woohoo!

Salamanca time. OK, Salamanca’s puzzles have generally been on the easy side, but the way things have been going, that is exactly what I need!  Lyrics of a song… well we know it’s not Bohemian Rhapsody since Salamanca put it in a puzzle last year.  Unclued entries galore, and some six letter entries broken up into two three-letter entries.  Interesting…

I got going on this one and was having a really tough time with the bottom half (largely because I figured 33,36 was going to be CESTUI which fits the wordplay but completely misses the definition… the way I’ve been solving lately, why let that stop me?), but the top half was filling up pretty quickly, and in particular the top row was looking like ?EN?THEFO?K?  – BEND THE FORKS!!! That’s not Uri Gellar’s theme song, that’s a little ditty from The Hobbit!!!!!!!

Yes, I’m one of those that has residual memory from practically memorising The Hobbit as a kid. Must have read it 20 times. I didn’t make it through the three-movie version though.

So that was awesome, since the thematic material made up a huge chunk of the puzzle and took care of the CESTUI actually being CITOLE.  I was done in less than an hour.

My working grid for Listener 4479, Postprandial by Salamanca

That’s weird – I added the Windows 10 scanning app to my work laptop and it puts an automatic caption on images that I can’t seem to get rid of.


I saw in the notes that they didn’t worry about the dash at the end of the line, I didn’t think of adding it. Was that a point of pedantry? I haven’t looked at the other blogs.

Anyhoo for the first time in several weeks we have a victory to George! Thanks Salamanca for keeping it straightforward and fun, and picking a theme I actually know something about!

Game over, 100% completion.

Feel free to tell me that not all puzzles can be on the only book I’ve ever read, and see you next week when Agricola… oh shit, it’s a playfair.  Agricola reminds me maybe I should put this blog out of its misery.


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