No chaps, no stick, no luck!

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword.  Well my last month or so of hell is over, and unfortunately things did not resolve themselves as I hoped. So back to a number of drawing boards.

I hope there is no video evidence, but I fell trying to get on stage two weeks ago. Outdoor wet stage, so minimal damage.

And just to cap off a stellar couple of weeks, I poured coffee in my laptop and fried it while I was traveling.  I had scanned Listeners 4478 and 4479 so I could get caught up, but laptopless is not helping.  I am writing this on my work laptop.  Since I didn’t get a promotion this year, I’m stealing the work laptop and using it for non-work purposes. Take that state of North Carolina.  Nyah nyah!

On top of all of this came the Tangram Listener.  Now I’ve generally had pretty good luck with Tangram, and the preamble made it sound like at the end there was going to be more grid-starting, though at least this time signaled by something.

Well, as has been the habit lately, I got quite a long way into the solving process, particularly the bottom, but one problem that I have when there is multiples types of clues is keeping track of everything and I was having real trouble keeping track of everything here. My misprints/missing letters were not making much sense at all, with only LINE at the end looking like a real word.  Although I got a few breaks to look at this, it ended up being a mighty victory for Tangram and the Listener Crossword.

My working grid for Listener 4478, Chapstick by Tangram

It has been over a week, and I see it was a poem about cricket. I’ve been a cricket fan since the late 70s, but oh boy do STEEL and ELGAR seem a bit obscure, even though they ended up symmetrical!

Game over, 20% completion.

Feel free to tell me better luck next week (or in an hour or so) when Salamanca puts a prandial in the post



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