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Farewell to Zaphod

I read on the Crossword Club site that Brian Rougvie passed away recently. Brian was one of the first readers and commenters on this blog, and although he didn’t post very often, he would send me nearly weekly updates and comments on solving, music I should check out, and bad jokes.

In 2010 there was no Listener on Christmas Day, and Brian suggested that I write up a report of an imaginary crossword, or on a crossword that he supplied under the pseudonym Zaphod.  So I wrote (with considerable input from Brian) what was one of the all-time most popular posts on this site, the blog of the non-existent Headache by Zaphod.

Brian went one better and gave me a Zaphod puzzle, which we put on this blog three weeks later.  We had plans for more, but neither of us were particularly diligent setters. I do hope to extend the Lessener series to maybe a second puzzle.

I had drifted out of touch with Brian, but hearing of his passing brings back many fond memories and a nudge that I need to indulge in more cruciverbal trickery.  Au revoir, Zaphod!


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