At least there are no mistakes so far!

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, where I am having a hard time trying to catch a break (spoiler alert, it won’t be for at least another week).

Did anyone else’s Listener print out with this totally insane font?  Degree of difficulty #1, trying to read the font. Not sure if it was just the day or this puzzle (it was back to the regular serif font for 4478), but the way this font printed out I was having a hard time telling what was what.

My working grid for Listener 4477, Word Squares by Elap

My first thought was that this was going to be pretty straightforward, since there cannot be that many numbers that meet the criteria (I see that maybe I should have worked it out to find out exactly how few). I also forgot the limit on numbers, which when it turned out one had to be four times the other should really have limited it.  But after about an hour, all I had to show for it was the seven cells entered, and I did not get a chance to play with a calculator.  That’s one of the tricky things about numerical puzzles, word puzzles I can carry around and sneak peeks at during breaks and the like, but when I have to have a calculator handy as well, that’s more tricky.

Anyhoo I’ve read the solutions now and I think I might have gotten this one with a little more time and discipline, two things I’m sorely lacking. Another mighty victory for Elap and the Listener Crossword.

Game over:  3% completion

Feel free to tell me that it wouldn’t have mattered, and see you next week when Tangram has a puzzle about a man who is also a piece of wood


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