A little backlogged

Greetings all – I’m kind of backlogged right now and here’s the skinny.  I have not finished Listener 4476 yet, but I’ve made a decent start on it, and so far I am liking it and want to know where it goes.  I’m going to avoid spoilers, since after this weekend I have a lot more free time, but the time since Listener 4476 has been particularly crazy, with a new show opening this weekend, big changes going on at my day job and planning a big project for March.

Go to the other blog to find out how wonderful a puzzle it was and what a cakewalk it is. Maybe I’m still steaming at all the praise being piled on last week’s puzzle when I stick to my guns – there was nothing to indicate the theme anywhere in the puzzle, and when it’s all in the grid-staring endgame, that’s no fun.


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