Vocational guidance chancellor

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, and another late post.  If I was an organized person I’d write these as soon as I get finished, but I usually don’t think about it until Thursday night or Friday morning, and my schedule these last few months has been pretty crazy on a Friday.  So here we are on Sunday, some of the dust has settled, and we all know what was going on.

My working grid for Listener 4469, Follow-my-leader by Harribobs

So what can I add?  I found this one intriguing – I cracked the theme almost immediately, as the crossing of DESKILLS with REIGNITE gave the extra letters that anagrammed to KIESINGER, and having already had GOSSAMER solved, then MILKER was worked out to give the current German Chancellor.  A quick check showed there have only been eight of them (and most of them were fairly well known names), and since we had the enumeration of the clues, it was clear where they should go.

Funny thing was that left a lot of sursolving in the bottom left in particular, where MUSK-COD held me up for a long time. Of course it was one of the entries that I knew I needed for the endgame because I had deciphered the message to use the bottom row and left column as index, which, after placing MUSK-COD and the last few answers in that row (I was still unsure of the wordplay for KISLEU) gave the location as PALAIS SCHAUMBERG.

So it was a quick start, slow bit in the middle and a fast finish once I got those last few answers. It was a clever way of introducing the theme, and I believe I can call it a Victory to George.

Game over:  98% completion (still a bit iffy on wordplay in KISLEU and why there isn’t an extra T in the clue for LOAF).

Feel free to tell me that my solving is the wurst (or my jokes) and see you next week when I will try to be on time and Stick Insect encourages us to fish for pelicans.


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