I wonder if he would have been found by Marvin eventually?

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword.  The solution to this puzzle is set to come out in 15 minutes, and that is also the time of my next commitment so let’s see how far I get on this one.

Charybdis!  OK, so I have a similar pattern with Charybdis puzzles – I am usually fine at solving the clues, but sometimes make a complete bish of the endgame, which is typically tricky.  And it seems so here, as we have another 9 line preamble!!!!

What’s going on, editing team? Were you suddenly allocated another 23 column inches and decided to spend it on gigantic floral grids and novel-length preambles?

Anyhoo, it seems like this is mostly in the clues, many are normal, some have to have a letter restored.  So let’s get solving!

There is a 1 across, and not only that but with SHE,EN it is a big pass on the 1 across test, and our first seeker begins with a T.  Well that gives us a start on the grid.

There’s a few unclued entries, and as I was working around the grid, it looked very tempting to see STRANGER THAN FICTION that rings a bell… and so it should – TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION is a quote from Mark TWAIN so there’s our first one. DAUGHTER also looks like it should go in there, so what’s the chances there is a TRUTH IS DAUGHTER quote out there – yep, it’s Francis BACON (mmm, bacon) – TRUTH IS THE DAUGHTER OF TIME.  This grid is rocketing to a fill, and maybe I’m getting a sense of the endgame before the typical Crosophile stare at the grid stage.

Oh, I got there… with a full grid, I now need to know of what looks like Robert Hyatt, who doesn’t seem to be anything.  Aaah, it’s not producing HEATH it is producing WHEAT and it’s Robert WYATT. A musician I’ve not heard of with an album RUTH IS STRANGER THAN RICHARD

OK – so there’s the uncovering – we remove the first and last letters to get RUTH and TIM. And changing FICTION to RICHARD leads to RICHARD III – wasn’t he the guy found buried in the parking lot?  Yep – and the novel describing it was DAUHGTER OF TIME by TEY (the last of the unclued).

LEICESTER CAR PARK is up there at the top and I think all the thematic stuff is in place!

My working grid for Listener 4468, Hide-and-Seek by Charybdis

Not as much grid-staring as the last one, but there was a chunk of time between finishing the first grid and getting all the thematic stuff in place.  It was rather a fun puzzle though, and solved completely in one sitting, woohoo!  I believe I can call this one a Victory to George!

Game over.  100% completion!

Feel free to tell me that in 500 years I’ll likely be exhumed from a beer garden, and see you next week when Harribobs recommends that he has a much better leader than I do (probably true).


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