Tales of an X solver

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, a weekly tale of someone who should have given up by now.

So enter Somniloquist.

OK… I’m going to risk the wrath and ire.  If I don’t like the preamble, I’m probably not going to like the puzzle, and this preamble gave me a headache.  There’s three wordplay clues and have something to do with exchanges.  OK. Across clues, thematic characters, reflecting fate of character, amended down clues.

OK – so across clues are normal but I can’t enter answers.  Down clues have to be modified but I don’t know how.  Let’s change up how I usually do things and look at the down clues first.  So to the all-new 1 down test.  There is a 1 down and I can’t make sense of it – though it does look like maybe I have to lose a T to make BARON so it could be a term for a stand-off that is B removed from somethign that means fellow club member, but I am not feeling it.  Though later on removing a letter looks good, as CRU(D)D(e),ING looks promising.

It was kind of downhill from there – I got a fair few of the acrosses and I think FOX as one of the characters (Brer?  Redd? On the Fairway?  Mulder?).  It looked like my few down answers worked OK with a few of the across answers, but I didn’t get any further from there.  I think 35 down is JAKE or CAKE and don’t know why.

My working grid for Listener 4466 X XX XXX by Somniloquist

Resounding victory to Somniloquist and the Listener crossword, I’m completely stumped as to what was going on here, though I do think that 1-3 letters were removed from down clues, stringing together the few I found doesn’t lead to anything that makes much sense.  Oh well.

Game over:  12% completion (possibly what Anax had on Everybody’s golf).

Feel free to tell me that I need to learn how to solve clues and remove letters, and see you next week when Kea gives us the theme of the Day (Robin? Talk Like a Pirate? Of the dead?)


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