Four and a half percent of the grid filled in, maybe

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, and the next in a series of puzzles that were started during breaks in the performances of Fiddler on the Roof.  And… it’s Sabre!  Hello nemesis – I have a pretty abysmal record against Sabre, and if you’re coming here you are probably expecting to gloat at my misfortune, so let’s get it straight out there – I did not get very far with this puzzle at all.

My working grid for Listener 4460, Four and a Half ...? by Sabre

Yep – a practically empty grid.  So what happened?  Well all we are told is some words have to be removed from clues and there’s clashes.  Gulp.  How many clashes?

Well there is a 1 across, but I couldn’t solve it.  6 across looks like it should be B,LOBBY put it in to check on later.. looks like it might be correct because it intersects BRRR (which appeared in a Times puzzle I blogged this last week).  A few more clues including the long SNOWBALL TREE and I’m thinking maybe this is a solveable Sabre… and then the clashes came!  Six clashes between them in 29 and 30 down.  Eeeek!

Consistency in clashes – well the ones I found seem to be separated by two letters (though how that could lead to an ambiguity is beyond me).  So maybe that is the key?  It really looks like 23 down should have some clashes but I can’t solve it.

I also can’t seem to find words to be removed from clues either, possibly the AT at the start of 27 across and OF in 8 down.  Great… let’s think of a literary piece that includes AT and OF.



I kept meaning to go back and spend more time on this, but with the appearance of the next Listener this seemed to find its way to the bottom of the puzzle page and stay there.

Complete and utter victory (yet again) to Sabre and the Listener Crossword.

Game over, 3% completion (reminds me of an old PS1 game where I couldn’t make it out of the tutorial level).

Feel free to tell me that four and a half referred to the number of answers I was able to enter correctly and see you next week when Aedites asks us to call Emma.


2 Responses

  1. George, busy man I know but have you suspended blogging the Listener? A shame if so.


  2. No – Sabre did not kill me stone dead, it’s been a hell of a last few weeks, so I’m sorry to Aedites and Phi (both of whom read this from time to time) who will get their due soon.

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