They hauled a little bee juice and ample ready cash, wrapped in a fiver

Greetings, and thanks again, regular readers. Friday again, and puzzle time awaits us.  Chalicea this week with a preamble referring several numbers.  I started this puzzle at the “Fiddler” debut.  There is a first clue – DINE A MITE translating as DYNAMITE and a pass in the first clue test!

By the play’s end I had LEAR (and with Chalicea that is likely Edward), PUSSYCAT and NIGHTBIRD in place.  It must have been first night nerves, but I didn’t see the theme immediately.  Next time I picked it up, all became clear – it is the pea green vessel.  There was a further false start as I imagined a glyph replaced the letter that didn’t fit in the perimeter, but eventually it became clear it wasn’t entered at all!

A grid.

Scratch grid - Listener 4458, Difficulty by Chalicea

It wasn’t until the full grid I saw why NIGHTBIRD and why clues weren’t given in the usual way.  A certain letter is absent in preamble, clues and grid.  That is pretty neat!  I have attempted the same in this review.

Win me!  Game finished, 100% achieved!

Feel free in telling me it wasn’t executed perfectly, and see readers next week when Serpent zaps us all.


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