At least the puzzle wasn’t written around the theme “silence gives consent”

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword.  A few hours late, and I’m not sure if I will get this done before I have to get on the road.

So let’s get down to it – Silence was carte blanche and the top and bottom row were unclued. Clues were normal and sitting right in the middle is a 15-letter entry which looks like it could be an anagram – which it was, of DURCHKOMPONIERT.  Of course I came up with that by myself and not an anagram solver (I can lie as well as anyone else in crosswordland). Anyhoo, we skipped the 1 across test for the “obvious 15-letter answer in the middle of the grid” test.

We also know where the across clues end, and with 15 letters in the row and an entire row unclued, it made sense that the second and penultimate row have these answers completely filling them (though on a first pass I only got OREADES at the top and ONCEOVER at the bottom.  This was enough to make a good start on the grid, eventually running in to a problem where AD REM wouldn’t fit anywhere!  There was an obvious spot for the unclued entries, and AD REM should have gone through them, but huh?

A bit later and there’s another problem – IN KEY, DUE TO and TWO PM also have nowhere to go.  They are all two word phrases… aaaah?  Do they straddle the middle line and the space count as a character?  But what goes in the middle?

I had ANTWO?T in the top row.  Is this a puzzle to do with DIE ANTWOORD?  Hmmm…

There’s no mention of ODQ for the six word phrase… maybe it is one of the ones in Chambers?  Something in Afrikaans?  Nope, turns out it is German – KEINE ANTWORT IST AUCH EINE ANTWORT.  No answer is the same as an answer – so these are left blank. My working copy is a bit of a mess, but here ’tis.

My working grid for Listener 4455, Silence by MynoT

I thought this was going to be a daunting task, but with the symmetry restrictions and the generous long answers in the acrosses, it wasn’t too bad, and was all done in two sessions (the first one being at the rather nice deck at French Broad Brewing).  That was fun MynoT, and I think I can claim a Victory to George.  Though now I’ve seen the solution online and the bigger victory is to M Goodliffe who managed to add to his voluminous crossword swag collection.

Game over – 100% completion, woohoo!

Feel free to tell me to go shove it up my Durchkomponiert and see you next week when Malva introduces us to some leafy trees.


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