Double double, toil and trouble (and whoops a pdf)

Welcome back to George vs the Listener crossword from a week ago.  I completely forgot last Friday about Nud’s puzzle, and just now realized that it’s really Nudd with the setter’s name treated the same way as some of the entries.  So here goes…

The preamble was rather fun, wasn’t it?  It reminds me more of the American themed puzzles you see in The Enigma and Harpers.  So everything needs to be modified, and it appears all the grid entries are shorter than the number of letters indicated in the clue, so let’s try some and see if we can spot it?

There is a 1 across but I could not figure it out so there was a fail on the 1 across test.  However a run through the across and down clues I could solve yielded enough words with double letters that it seems like it could fit with double letters entered as single letters.  That got me a good start, however I couldn’t figure out what was going on with ANANA which had to fit in three spaces – looks like paired letters go in that way.  I thought that was a little ugly in what was otherwise a fun romp.  Near the end there was some heavy-duty trawling to find entries like APPERILL and another paired letter entry, OROROTUND.

Took two sessions to complete the grid, and then when I scanned it, I forgot I had been scanning script segments with my scanner and it came out as a pdf.  Oh well..


Game over, victory to George, and 100% completion… and now to Shackleton…

Feel free to tell me not very much since I hope to have the next entry up soon.



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