If at first you don’t succeed…

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, numerical playfair edition. There are some out there who dislike numerical puzzles.  I’m not one of them – whether they end up being mathematical or logical in nature, they are something different and usually interesting.  There are some out there who dislike Playfair squares.  We call them rational human beings.  So when I saw the title of this puzzle, and then read the preamble, my emotions ran the gamut of fear to disgust.

I made about three attempts to sit down and work out a starting point to this puzzle, but even when working on the clues and writing down little notes (one digit in 4 has to be the same as one digit in 8, no other digit can be the same), I got absobloodylutley nowhere and there was still the looming spectre that even if I got somewhere, I was going to have to go back to that stupid little square.

Zag has set both word and number puzzles, and a look back at my notes shows that I managed to solve both word puzzles, but so far neither of the numerical ones.  Maybe next time… but this one is a resounding empty-grid victory to Zag!

Game over:  didn’t even make it past the tutorial screen

Feel free to tell me I should have scanned the empty grid, and see you next week when Nud informs us who our uncle is.


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