Taddeo Gaddit sounds a good name for a redneck uncle in a US sitcom

Welcome back to a very very late edition of George vs the Listener Crossword. I started this on Friday with all good intentions of having it finished on time, but a couple of crises and a flat tire later, I find myself writing it in a waiting room of a car center. I could be here for a while.

Although it won’t take long – clearly because the next week’s puzzle involves numbers and playfairs and all sorts of horrors, the editors wanted to go easy on us, so here comes this fun, straightforward and educational puzzle from Calmac.

I completed this one over lunch – there were some unclued entries and misprints in some definitions – so mostly normal clues, and real words, places and names in the grid, woohoo!

On the other hand, no 1 across, since it was unclued, and we have to go to 9 across for LIE,U and a big pass on the 9 across test.

It was a pretty quick grid fill – the possibility for LONGFELLOW in the bottom of the grid appeared early, and misprints TADDEO were enough to get the name TADDEO GADDIT, from there it was a quick trip on the phone to learn about the PONTE VECCHIO, ARNO and FIRENZE.  I don’t think there were that many leftover clues once all the thematic material was in place and I was done in a little over a half hour.

My working grid for Listener 4450, Bank Transfer by Calmac

Fun little puzzle and quite a breather.  Game over, and I believe that is 100% completion.  Feel free to tell me anything, and see you next week when I will tell you that I couldn’t even bring myself to attempt Zag’s numerical atrocity.


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