Oh no, you sank my all bar 8 correct

Welcome back to George vs the Listener. It’s 2017 now, but we still have three whole puzzles to finish out 2016.  This one is by a new setter or a newdonym, Paddock.

OK – extra letters in wordplay, and then some changing at the end to make it like the placement of ships in Battleship! but with some single letter S’s.  That’s odd.

Well there was a 1 across at least – TO(O)TTER gives TOOTER and an extra T to get things going, woohoo!

Must be new setter blues but I was having a really tough time with the clues here, and there was a lot of what is known on another site as BIFFing (Bunged in From deFinition), so after a few sessions of solving, I had a full grid, but I was not sure about several of the extra letters.  It wasn’t helpful that from the first six clues I had TEURSC which has several anagrams.

My working grid for Listener 4429, Battleships by Paddock

I’m afraid that’s as far as I got – apart from the six letters with several anagrams, I was at least a letter short in the other three groups, so I couldn’t even fathom what was to go there.  Congratulations Paddock, you have come across with a major Victory for the Listener Crossword.  Perhaps with that electronic buzzing sound to accompany it!

Game over:  loss.   75% completion.

2014 tally:  42-2-7

Feel free to tell me that I would have finished this with a little more naval gazing, and see you next week when Pilcrow offers us a Gin and Scotch.



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