Dot dot dot dah… dot dot dot dah

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword!  And this is the last week of my five-month soujourn through the northeastern parts of the US which means soon I will be back in the world of printers!

It has been an intriguing journey doing the Listener without a printer – I replicate the grid in Crossword Compiler, copy the clues into a Word document and keep notes to myself on that.  Of course that means I haven’t even started on the circular grid that comes up in a few weeks.

So here’s what that word document looked like for this week’s challenge – Harribob’s puzzle.




–1 Dead body covers wallet with contact info (8)

B:  6    Woollen cloth placed on horse (6)

L:  12   René’s son eats goose with special delicacy (8)

A: 13   Sources of rubber used in sexual escapades (4)

C:  (E,FITCH)14         European with short paintbrush — a tool for portraiture (4)

K: (LA,BARACK)15 East of Louisiana, president informally ditches conservative moral standards (6)

O: OW(IE)NERS16   Landlords welcoming East Indian returning sausages (7)

U?  (ANOREXY)17   In Royal Variety, My Old Dutch possibly beset by some lack of appetite once (7)

T: 18    Ale must perk up such as Morse (6)

–19      Lamp saves Jones from the Devil (4)

L: 21    Sang up and down in the Rockies, whooped about over western face of Denali (7)

E: 24    American, spinning, fell into trap (5)

T: 25    Muttered mysteriously about soprano with most modesty (8)

–27      Sent back short glove, scarlet-trimmed (8)

T? (ET,TENS)30         Film with many old giants (5)

E:  33   A lady and I, we rudely interrupted (7)

R:  35  Prosecutor comparatively confident (4)

S (SO,BLAST)36       In due course blow up district of USSR (6)

I:  39    Native American profit on break-up of home (7)

–41      After one over the eight, maybe, tease a fop (7)

N (EN,DUN,RE)42    Tolerate René’s fidgeting astride horse (6)

M:  43 Country scrubs defile old-world charm (4)

O:  44  Cry from queen, recalling grief a moment (4)

–45      Leave mob rioting in Mobile (8)

R (SINGER,S)46        Forgotten poet, second (minor) Burns (6)

S (SALINITY)47       Brininess: it hides answer in faulty analysis (8)



–1 Activist runs into battered used car (8)

E:  2     An orb containing a well-focused lens (7)

–3 Benin treasury drops poor rate, having difficulty spending a penny (6)

C:  4    Join calcium to fluorine with difficulty (5)

O:  5    Being not yet excited about Italy (6)

D:  6    Tennis player, left-hander initially, in top-ranked group (5)

E:  A,NAN,EA7         Fruit before bread and water in some places (5)

A?  ASAR,U,LE(A)8 High-class pasture lies below gravel ridges generally (7, three words)

N: A(FAWN)LD 9     Fife’s honest alderman accepts rare flattery (6)

D:  RED,MOVIE10   Withdraw revolutionary film losing investment at the outset (6)

–11      Transposed Eastern American pastoral work (8)

E:  16   Regularly away in Leeds; a way in Stirling (4)

R: 20   One supporting bombast, one against (4)

A?22   Dry measure restricting Ohio, USA (4)

–23      Spinoza was one, but if Descartes was, then so am I (8)

S:  T(URN)AW,SAY: 26       Reject vase in marble, eg (8, two words)

MY,LO,DON: 28       I never did look over a giant sloth (7)

T:  (BT,MUD)29         Foolish baronet faces mounting slander (4)

–31      Raised arm to gain a little thing of value (6)

H:  32  Person holding mass in Lowestoft? (7)

E (WOOL,ERSE)33   Hair cut seen on Irish suitors (6)

R: 34   Unruly Serb MOD discharges from army (6)

E: 35    Somewhat contrarily, astronomer eschews lecture (6)

S:37     Extracting nitrogen, sifts loose rocks (5)

T:  38   Bits of bread around Papua New Guinea; browned bread around Spain (5)

–40      Small bay-windowed room in college (5)

All of that lead to this as the starting grid…

My first grid for Listener 4426, Dah-di-dah-di-dah

Which once I blocked out everything (I wrote the letters in the spaces next to the Morse code segments)


I didn’t find this one too difficult. Once I thought it was heading towards Morse code I was having nightmares of a near-unsolveable EV puzzle from a while back, but apart from a few false starts in blocking out (I guess one advantage of doing it entirely on the computer, I could go back to the original grid and re-shade), I believe we have a Victory to George, woohoo!  Both Harribob’s puzzles have been fun to do (though both have had an intricate endgame).

Game over – 99% completion (there’s one wordplay I still have a question mark on).

2016 tally: 40-2-6

Feel free to tell me that I wussed out on writing a ton of terrible jokes by extensive use of cut and paste and see you next week for the final (for now) entry in non-paper solving, when Bandmaster provides the other side of “Hold the door”.


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