Quad erat demonstrandumb

Greetings all – I was going to have this up yesterday, but the Kimpton Onyx hotel in Boston boasts “fast internet” while “completely not working internet” might have been a better description.  Oh well!  Not that there is a great deal to say this week.

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossnumber, your quarterly check in on my ability to use Excel to solve a puzzle that is intended to be done using a pocket calculator.  And we have gwizardry who brought us a pretty difficult (so difficult I couldn’t do it) cards themed puzzle last time around that was very popular with most of you.

This time we have a Lagrange Four-Square Theorem puzzle – all answers are a sum of squares.  Neat – and there’s zeroes in there which doesn’t happen often in a numerical puzzle.  It was pretty obvious D was going to be zero, and T was going to be one, so there’s 1/13th of the puzzle out of the way.

I shamelessly Excel’d my way through this which is good, because I had to double back twice, the most memorable being a big blunder assumption on V that caused me to have to go back nearly to the beginning.  Two sessions later, it all fell into place, with 1120 neatly becoming QUAD

My grid for Listener 4425, Clue-by-four by gwizardry

The most intriguing part of this puzzle to me was that I think I would have struggled a lot more without crossword compiler – nature’s gift to carte blanche puzzles with symmetry! For an 8×8 puzzle with all but four numbers checked, that’s a lot of bars.  I tried sketching it on paper at the beginning and had bars all over the place!

Anyhoo – game over and it’s a 100% completion for George and another challenging numerical from gwizardry!

2016 tally:  39-2-6

Feel free to tell me that I cheat even more on numericals than I do on lettericals, and see you next week when Harribobs asks us to name that tune.



2 Responses

  1. George,

    I don’t know whether you can access it, but you might like to peek at The Spectator’s Christmas Crossword, entitled Festive Features. It looks to me like a Jumbo Listener

  2. I usually have a stab at the Spectator but I haven’t tried the Christmas special yet, since I really need to print it out – just a few more days before I’m back in the world of committing crosswords to processed dead trees!

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