Carole King 1, King Harold 0

So the not getting this done in time thing won.

I’ll keep this one simple and hopefully you like Crossword Compiler + Irfanview part 2 (of at least 3) creation at the end.

So… stick insect gave us this 20X10 grid with no symmetry and the title “King’s Album”.  What’s the chances that we are looking at a tapestry? Letter removals, drawing and shading… OK – let’s solve.

While I was solving I put circles in for the clues that I solved without removing a letter, to help find the items to be shaded.  Although I got the message (NUMBER OF CLUES FOLLOWS NUMBER OF ROWS), and the grid filled up quickly, I did not make head or tail of the message. I did notice HORSE and SHIELD in the circled letters and REX INTER in the uncircled, which rang a bell from somewhere.

A little Google later and there it was – the Bayeux Tapestry! I must have solved this back-asswards, because I had the message HAROLD REX INTERFECTUS EST before finding the rest of the items to shade – there was the SHIELD and HORSE… ARROW and EYE, then the SWORD and AXE.

my working grid for Listener 4420, King's Album by Stick Insect

That was a fun grid – a pretty quick fill and an extremely rare case of me getting the theme from the title.  I just looked up the meaning of the message – 10 rows and 66 clues – that was a fun touch that I totally missed.

I’m on the road again next week, in Las Vegas – I’ll try to get next week’s entry written up before I leave on Tuesday, so hopefully see you next week.

2016 tally:  34-2-6

Feel free to tell me that I need to switch editing software, and see you next week when I hope Tramp’s title is what I think it is.


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