Is Ploy Dipper in disguise?

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword. On familiar ground today!  I got back to Asheville last week, so I have printed grids for Listeners 4415-4417 and will be able to print today’s for my solving pleasure (OK, as I’m writing this it has just appeared and it is Sabre – maybe I should print five grids!).

Ploy time!  And a grid with a big grey section, maybe we have to make a doodle there?  Not only that, but the double clues thing meant that it all fit on one piece of paper for me.  That’s a bonus!

Side by side clues, looks like the answers in across entries are entered forwards and backwards, guess it’s time for some cold solving!  There is nothing even remotely close to a 1 across, and of the two 4-acrosses, EDICTS jumped out at me.  I decided to wait until putting it in the grid.

Some days you just get lucky – with GO-KART, ENTREAT and ESTATES in place, they looked like good candidates to go together and I put them in the right hand side of the grid.  Since I had ONE-SHOT as well I put it in the other side reversed.

I’ll admit, I had a tough time with these double clues, and found a lot of answers by using Word Wizards with the known letters!  I was also having a tricky time keeping the extra words/moved words in check – I thought the preamble meant a word had to move from one half of the clue to the other half of the clue, but it seems that moving within halves of the clue was acceptable.

First breakthrough moment was looking up WISEACRE in Chambers and finding out it could also mean OWL – which meant that the top row was WINDOWLEDGE from BURP, WISEACRE, BORDER.  Wasn’t there a Flanders and Swann song about ivies and window ledges?  One of my oldest CDs is a massive collection of Flanders and Swann songs.  I already had A DOOR from the across clues and FNDS from the down.  I guess it is meant to be F AND S, but I could never find which word with A in it – maybe AND in clue 5?

Anyhoo, I knew the song!  honeysuckle spirals one way and bindweed the other – and there they are in little snake shapes going through the starred entries.  That’s neat!  We have a grid!

My working grid for Listener 4415, Left and Right by Ploy

I’m going to claim this one as a Victory to George, I know the lines are meant to stop at the starred cells and start up again once they are past them, but I wasn’t submitting and I was too excited to find the finish.  This was a very fun puzzle!

2016 tally:  30-2-5

Feel free to tell me that I did have the wrong clue for moving the A (I just checked the solution) and see you next week when Wan avoids the “less/fewer” argument in where you can take 10 items.


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