The trouble with triples

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword.

Howdy folks!

Things are still a little off-kilter here.  I’ve been keeping up with daily crosswords, since those are easy to do in the morning on my laptop.  What I haven’t been doing is keeping up with the barred grid puzzles, which really need a printer.  I’m living in a spare room at a friends place and working in a paperless office, so the best I can do is bring up the Crossword Club, try to make a grid in Crossword Solver and go from there.  It is not the same!

Anyone else actually go paperless on the Listener? Advice, tips, tricks?

And so, gentle readers – I had a stab at Analogy.  Pythagorean triples, looks like all three-digit or greater numbers in the grid, and some extra mathy stuff to “help us along”.  A little looking up of pythagorean triples brings up two points – there’s a lot of them, and at least one of a and b must be even.  There’s a lot of clues here, but one sticks out – there’s a square (and a square of a prime other than 2 has to be odd) and a single letter.  The single letter is in the lower spot, so X has to be 2, and P has to be 3, and the entry is 66^ + 88^ = 110^ and I have one entry.

Which is better than an empty grid…

But all that I got.

I’m sorry Nod – I’ve given short shrift to what seems like an interesting and challenging puzzle, there’s just no way I had the time or energy for it.

Victory to the Listener Crossword!

OK – this weekend looks like it’s going to be hot and unpleasant so I’ll try sitting inside with a fan and trying the last three Listeners, but until I get back to my usual habitat, I don’t expect there to be much going on here, sorry.

2016 tally:  28-2-4

Feel free to let me know that I could have done this with half a brain and a calculator in 25 minutes (or go to the other blog to see how it was done in this fashion) and see you next week when… ummm… I have no idea what comes up next.



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