Yes, yes, I’m a blue meanie

Welcome back to a late edition of George vs the Listener Crossword, coming to you from New Jersey, where getting internet access this morning proved far more difficult than I anticipated, so the time I had set aside for writing up the puzzle ended up being used for banging my head against computer networking people.

Anyhoo – Paint My Old LP… I had been given a tip off that I might find this one easy, and enjoy it. The night it came out was the opening ceremony of the Olympics, so I was at my regular hangout enjoying some good old-fashioned racism and making a start on this one when the batender upended a whole can of red bull on it.  For those lucky few of you blisfully unaware, red bull is a citrus/caffeine energy drink popular with people who want to stay really awake while drinking.

So I had to try to write in answers over soggy parts of the grid.  Anyway – extra letters in wiordplay, one clash and some shading instructions.  Early on I saw BEADLES and thought it was probably the BEATLES we were looking at and sure enough, there is TAMP to take care of the clash.  Woohoo!

Took a little longer to piece together the extra letters but when I got back and started looking up the Beatles catalogue, we have songs and albums missing a colour – (white) ALBUM, (blue) JAY WAY, OLD (brown) SHOES, (yellow) SUBMARINE, and finally the message MAKE LETTERS OF THE TITLE YELLOW, THE REST BLUE… and the grid turns into the cover of Yellow Submarine.

My working grid for Listener 4410, Paint My Old LP by Nudd

That was fun!  Not very difficult, but a very nice grid at the end.  My only criticism was that the number of clues and the number of completely checked answers meant I didn’t have to figure out all of the wordplays – EWER and MAE were prime examples here.  But in the end I think I can call it a Victory to George, woohoo!

2016 tally:  27-2-3

Feel free to tell me that I shouldn’t take the lazy way out and that all worplay matters, and see you next week when Raffles puts a little Extra English on the ball.



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