Wait, what? “Jeu de paume” isn’t a euphemism for masturbation

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, the blog that will always welcome you back.  Looks like a new setter this time, in Mountain Ledges, so hi Mountain Ledges if you are looking in.

What have we here – BIG GRID! 12 x 15 and a lot of clues.  Looks like most clues are normal, but nine of them lead to extra wordplay letters which are replaced by dots.  Then at the end some drawing and shading.

And there is a 1 across!  Not only that but it fits the theme – hL,A,K,HS and there is an extra L so a dot goes in the top left hand corner.  Cool – that’s an A+ on the 1 across test!  I jotted the H in since we know the extra letters spell something.

This was a strange grid fill… after (h)LAKHS, SIMP and PEACRAB, the whole right hand side of the grid came out very quickly, so I had a complete right hand side (except for 12 across), and only two more dots, one being two extra letters in SEA(ou)SE and the other being in CO(n)CONUT OIL.


It was a much slower climb up from to the top of the left hand side, but a few thins started to become clear in the working out – the dot at the bottom left could join up to the one in COCONUT OIL and across to the one in SEASE, making COURT at the end of the dot cells.  Are we looking at a flagpole?

There was also JEU DE PAUME across the middle. Doesn’t that mean something?  Real Tennis.  Aaah, it’s all clear now – this is going to be about the Tennis Court Revolution, and we’ve got some sort of French insignia from the dots. They look like they are resolving to HAMPTON COURT.


As promised last week this is the fifth and final (for now) entry in “The grid is full, what next”.  I have several sketches of things that look like they could be symbols but don’t mean much.  Isn’t there some highlighting to do?  There’s PENTHOUSE in the left hand side, maybe that is something.  What does it say about PENTHOUSE in Chambers… a roofed corridor surrounding the court in real tennis.

Way to overthink things, George… since I’m there, let’s search for real tennis terms in Chambers… DEDANS, yep… TAMBOUR… yep.  So what we have is a sketch of a real tennis court, and not my fanciful Frenchy stuff (as I write this a story is coming over the interweebs about the Seine busting its banks and art being rescued from the Louvre), which could make a good puzzle theme someday.

My working grid for Listener 4398, Boxing Characters by Mountain Ledges

I found the picture this grid was representing.  So all neatly wrapped up in one fairly long solving session.  Clues were straightforward, and I learned a bit about what seems like an overly-complicated game.  Fun debut, Mountain Ledges, and I believe I can claim a Victory to George!

2016 tally:  16-2-2

Feel free to tell me that it’s a gentleman’s game and steeped in boring history and see you next week when Oyler gives us some time sums that are like so uncool.


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