There is a lesser-documented experiment where he dropped them from the other side and watched them go bouncy-bounce

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, and part 4 in a 5-part series of “I’ve filled the grid, what now?”

Flying Tortoise (aka little Gamera) time – this is the third FT Listener, and it’s been an intriguing bag – the first had the theme of a musical I didn’t particularly care for, and the second was quiet controversial in using a quote that appears to have morphed through several editions of ODQ.  Speaking of picking themes I don’t like, IQ is on a roll with those, following up a movie I thought was kind of meh with the most overrated band of the 80s.  Hopefully that isn’t too spoilery.

OKeydoke – extra words, instructions, an experiment!!!  Oooh, is this going to be Rutherford’s gold foil experiment where we get to wrap the grid around a spindle and draw electrons on it?  It is a wider grid than normal… well no it isn’t, it’s only 12 by 9 and two of the cells have apparently already been filled in.  Hmmm.

Well it looks like real words in the grid so let’s see where it goes.

There is a 1 across, and although it wasn’t that difficult a clue later on, I could not solve it at a first glance.  For some reason I thought 3 across was BALLYHOO, despite having no justification anywhere in the clue for the B, Y or H.

It turns out to be a truly inspired incorrect answer, as in goes LEATHERN, LORN, ABEL and OPAQUELY and we are away!  It was such a great incorrect answer that I had filled out nearly the entire rest of the grid before figuring 3 down had to be WOLOF and then it dawned that a Euro is a marsupial which has come up before, and in goes WALLAROO.

The rest of the grid fill wasn’t too bad, and the messages seemed to come together pretty neatly – I liked the part of using LANDS to mean L and S that were in the grid.  Let the staring commence…

My working grid for Listener 4397, We'll Always be Together by Flying Tortoise

So what have we here… CUT OUT PRINTED L AND S


SET GRID ON FIRE  (wishful thinking)




The first two are easy!  Out with the scissors!

I made a mess of the next part by thinking it said I had to put the R over the L part and slide.  That made nothing.  No, it has to be above…

Strips of three rows eh?  More cutting.

Slide two strips – I guess I’m looking for something vertical… LORTHE? LEANIN.. that looks promising.  LEANINGTO… is it going to be the LEANING TOWER OF PISA?

Yes, it is – AHA experiment!  Galileo dropped two objects from the tower to show that gravity has the same effect (not having access to massless, weightless, tensionless strings).  So the S object and the L object should fall together or hit the ground at the same time.  I think I remember he used cannonballs, which totally makes sense to carry two heavy objects up a building whose centre of gravity is somewhere stage left.  I like to think that he threw two pizzas off the tower, so here is my version.What went in the envelope

I wonder if this one will also open Pandora’s can of worms if submissions are not accepted with the S and L on the ground, or being held by a cartoon Galileo.  I guess I’ll wait and see how that all plays out and call this a Victory to George!  Fun puzzle that, but the ending took almost as long as filling out the grid.

2016 tally:  15-2-2

Feel free to tell me about the worst trip to Pisa ever (I was enjoying the view of the tower and my wife and I got hit by cannonballs at the exact same time) and see you next week when Mountain Ledges asks us, for a change, to put characters in boxes.


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