Was anyone else tempted to write “THE MONEY” at the bottom?

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword.

I appear to have done a silly – I scanned my grid and then recycled the paper it was on, so I have to work from memory here, and my memory isn’t what it used to be.

I think the preamble said that two letters had to be taken from each clue and moved to a crossword to be published in August.  Misprints resolved a location, two characters, a URL we are not permitted to visit (I went there, it had an animated GIF of Shane Shabankareh wagging his finger) and seventeen anagrams of TS ELIOT.  Something had to be highlighted, and parts of the grid had to be strategically set on fire, the chemical formula of the incinerant to be written below the grid, Playfair-encoded.

Nothing to do but solve, right?

There is a 1 across, but I see I have a question mark against it, so I can’t tell if  I have passed the 1 across test right away, which means maybe woohoo or no woohoo.

The part I remember – maybe it’s from once sitting next to him and drinking a lot, but I find I am on the same wavelength as Aedites when it comes to clues, so the grid started to fill up.  I wasn’t doing so well on the clues that I knew had to be thematically treated until the possibility of DELAWARE appeared on the second row, when it dawned these were state nicknames!  The rest of the grid was a pretty quick fill, with SHOW ME for MISSOURI appearing in the bottom left.

my woking grid for Listener 4383, Display by Aedites

However now I’m looking at it, I can’t remember if I modified the top left to be THIRST and TERAI.  There’s a question mark in my working grid, which I hope I fixed.  I got a note from Aedites during the week, but no mention was made of completely ridiculous words at the top of the grid.  I think (hope) I fixed it, but I think this could be a Victory to Aedites, the Listener crossword, and poor final-grid checking.

So much for that year!

2016 tally:  4-1-0

Feel free to tell me HAHAHAHHAHAHHAH serves you right, and see you next week when Harpy gives us a puzzle about my favorite T-shirt size.


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