Golf? Don’t mind if I do!

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword on a rather unique circumstance – if you are reading this at the time it is posted, I am actually playing golf!  I’m in a rather silly tournament called the Mediocre Golf Association World Championships in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada.  I’m not even bringing my laptop, I am treating myself to a weekend of binge drinking and average golf.  I hope I win!

My working grid for Listener 4369, Golf... by Xanthippe

My ride will be here in a few minutes, so there’s the grid.  I was of course partial to this as I am a big fan of the game.  It wasn’t too difficult to figure out where the holes went, and after placing a few of the answers I noticed there were a lot of O’s and T’s at the ends or beginnings of words – AHA!  So each hole starts at a T and ends in a O and those get moved from the word.  That helped me get a few of the more tricky holes sorted out (I think 11-15 took me longer than the rest of the puzzle).

Hope everyone else had fun, and I’ll see you next week with possibly a recap of how I fared.



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