Holy disappearing draft, Batman

Welcome to what should have been George vs the Listener Crossword, but…

WordPress appears to have eaten my draft!

So here I am getting ready to check it over and hit the “publish” button, but it’s not there to publish.

Of course I don’t have my grid with me.  Hopefully something is saved on my laptop, which is at home.

Home is not somewhere I am going to anytime soon, since I’m going to see the John Cleese and Eric Idle show in Charlotte tonight.

Quick summary… Llig – clues weren’t too difficult, spotted quickly that the four answers that needed to be shortened would be real words (and cause no clashes) if the I was removed.  There was a bible quote that was rather difficult to find for a bible quote hidden.  Everything was sorted out in one fairly quick solve, a little over an hour.

I hope the letter I was meant to be put in the middle square.  I toyed with drawing a picture of an eye, but I don’t think that fit the requirements.  It seemed like a bit of an anticleyemax?

Hopefully the original post will be found somewhere, otherwise I’ll add the grid to this later.

love and cuddles


Update – it did not – though the scanned grid was still in my files section… who knows?

My working grid for Listener 4366, Ego Trips by Llig


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