Every schoolboy knows how to wikioogle it, at least

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, your weekly stop for short-cut solving, obvious jokes, and general wittering about the barred-grid beastie.

Calmac time!  I have a habit of not seeing the themes in Calmac puzzles until near the end, so let’s see how it goes here – we have 21 misprints, leading to a question and some highlighting.  Looks like we have mostly normal clues and all real words in the grid, and yet again we get a Jumbo Listener!  14×14 with a ton of clues!

There is a 1 across – and it looks like we have a pass on the 1 across test for the first time in a while, with RE(ASSES)S going in and there’s no misprint here!

Unfortunately I couldn’t make much headway into that corner, beyond AORTA (misprint E) and STRAUSS not a lot went in.

On the other hand – the top right hand side yielded quickly with the extra letters beginning with a C from F,RANCE

Half an hour or so later, things are looking good, most of the right hand side of the grid is full… and something strikes me – the message looks like CE?TR?L which looks like it’s going to be CENTRAL, and CLUES down the bottom.

Could it be CENTRAL LETTERS OF CLUES?  It’s 21 letters long…

There’s a lot of clues, and many of them seem kind of long, so there could be something hiding in there.  I started working backwards and forwards on the clues to see if there was a message… EVERY SCHOOLBOY (this is looking good) KNOWS WHO IM…

OK… that was the end of the first page of my printout (the Listener printed from Firefox at 70% size on US letter paper puts some odd page breaks in), and I’ll admit – I was getting a headache looking for these central letters, so I did what every good schoolboy does, and started typing the phrase into google… and there it is – Thomas Macauley “Every schoolboy knows who imprisoned Montezuma and who strangled Atahualpa”.

Unless you went to school in Australia in the 70s I guess.

So now I have to google who did the deeds…

Is this what is known as a wiki wormhole?

Anyhoo – there’s most of ATAHUALPA in the grid up in the top right, and around him is FRANCISCO PIZARRO who I now knew captured him in the battle of Cajamarca.  Most of MONTEZUMA is in the bottom right (and all of it will be if WACK is ZACK which makes sense), and is surrounded by the Conquistaor HERNAN CORTES.


So what is left?

Almost the entirety of the bloody left hand side! Ack!

Yes, I complained about sursolving last week, and this week I did take a massive shortcut, but here we are again, in the world where all the thematic stuff is worked out (except a few letters of the instruction) and there’s still a bunch of gridfill left.

Finally, with the last letter of PAMPA in, a sigh of relief!  Victory to George, but it would be typical me if I messed something up in the sursolving.  I didn’t scan my grid just yet, I’ll add it tonight.

I should say, it was rather fun at the start!

2015 tally:  30-2-5

Feel free to tell me I’m a big lazy cheat who uses the internet to take the fun out of massive amounts of clue solving, and see you next week when Llig’s ego goes on a voyage.


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