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Percy Bysschylus?

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, your weekly dose of confused hung-over ramblings about the internet’s favorite thematic weekly challenge.

What has Ifor got waiting for us this time around?  There’s two blocked-off squares in the middle, some extra phrases in across clues and extra words in down clues, and at the end something needs to be done to the grid, something about titles… OK.  Looks like we are in real words territory in the grid, so let’s get solving!

There is a 1 across for the first time in a while and it gives us the whole top row with DI(VERSION)ARY and we are away!  I wonder if Ifor has given us a similar gift at the bottom of the grid? Yes, it’s an anagram for CONGRATULATE and now I have a crossword sandwich and can work on the filling (it didn’t hit me until much much later the irony of getting the top row and bottom row first).

I did a little better starting from the bottom and working up, and getting the last few down answers made it obvious that it was the first and last letters of the extra words that we were looking for – giving ORDER TO SINGLE WORDS as the end of the message.  OK – well I’ve found ABJECT SUN and CAN BE JUST as extra phrases and they are anagrams of each other and of SUBJACENT, which means “bottomless”.  Hmmmm, OK.  There’s also HAS A COUPLE and CASUAL HOPE which can become ACEPHALOUS, or “headless”.  Wow, that’s nice of Ifor to double up on this… can I get the other two now?  PEARL AT makes APTERAL… hmmm, where else can I find that string… LATE PAR In 10, making the answer CROSSE.

A bit more poking at the down answers and it looks like we are heading to ERASE SOME LETTERS FROM GRID, so it looks like we’re getting rid of the outside of the grid… and it does appear that removing the outside of the grid leaves real words.  Two of my unsolved entries are around the outside, so I guess I could have ignored 8 down and 16 down (which I was pretty sure was ABET but hadn’t looked up that definition).

Running up that diagonal is CPROM??HEUSY…. which doesn’t seem to make any sense before the outside is erased, but when you take the outside away then you can make PROMETHEUS, which was a sci fi movie of a few years ago that started off awesome but got very silly near the end.

Now wasn’t there something called PROMETHEUS UNBOUND?  Wasn’t it SHELLEY? Hmmm… two books?  Traditionally ascribed?  I guess I’d better look that up – turns out it is based on the story of Prometheus by Aeschylus, where he does have his wings clipped (not sure if he ends up headless or with his feet cut off).

Hmmm… so what am I meant to write at the bottom, SHELLY or AESCHYLUS?

Ugh… I am really lost at this point. Have I missed something?

Title to the rescue, I hope – does Aeschylus rhyme with “fast and loose”?  More so than it rhymes with Shelley, so I guess that’s the better option?

I must be missing something, but this is the best I have

My working grid for Listener 4344, Fast and Loose by Ifor

Victory to George?

2015 tally:  14-0-3

Feel free to tell me what I’m missing, and see you next week when Samuel essentialises us.

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  1. The title translates as BOUND and UNBOUND. Apparently Aeschylus (for it is he) wrote two volumes about Prometheus to that effect.

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