Elementary, my dear What’s On

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, and we’re going to try for two weeks in a row where the scheduler works – doubly important this time since I’ll be in Tennessee around the time the puzzle comes out.

OK – what have we here – extra words in clues, leading to a hint in the method of grid entry.  A quick glance at the answer lengths and grid length shows this could be a tricky one – some entries are longer than their answers, some are shorter, some are the same length.  Hmmm…

The title sounds like Dr Watson.  Wonder if there’s anything Sherlocky going on?

The day before this puzzle came out I was helping a friend with her DVR, which had gotten full.  She had a lot of episodes of a show I had not heard of, called “Elementary”.  She told me it started off OK but wasn’t that good eventually and she wanted to take it off her program recording list.  The cute thing was that Watson was female.

Elementary… Watson…

Could this puzzle have something to do with elements?  Wasn’t there a Spectator puzzle a few years back when the answers were entered as atomic numbers?  That was bloody hard, wasn’t it.

OK, gentle readers, that was as far as I got with the post when I started writing it – and then I got distracted and had to head to Nashville and then didn’t have a chance to finish writing it up… so anyway…


I agree that there wasn’t much help from checking letters, and there really were only three that I eventually did solve by going through likely-looking possibilities for the known number combinations (10 across, 16 across and 27 down).  The most helpful aspect to me was getting the message so at least I had some contenders for the extra words – most of them were really well concealed!

My working grid for Listener 4341, What's On by Nod


It was a sigh of relief when I finally slotted 10 across in but I don’t think it was a bad puzzle.  It had me scratching my head a lot, and there were a few leaps of faith (was element 108 really going to be used for Hs?).  I wonder if it would have been possible to clue the answers using the capitalizations and lower cases expected for elements (or that could be a whole new crossword… maybe I could construct a Listener that had an even stronger negative reaction!).

2015 tally:  12-0-2

Feel free to tell me I’ve gone soft in my old age and join in next week when… oh, Morbid March looks like it has become Morbid May, and BeRo gives us a final triska


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