There is no such thing as on-time posting

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, well at least if you are looking in.  It’s a whole day since the solution came out and most of you are over it by now.  I had a pretty stacked week and didn’t get a chance to finish and post this yesterday. So here we are… in the graveyard of blogging, or looking in at next week’s puzzle before I’ve loaded it up.

OKeydoke – Kruger with… a puzzle with exactly the same title and preamble as an Enigmatic Variations puzzle I couldn’t finish. Gak!  Now I’ll admit EV is kind of down my totem pole of puzzles, I only pay attention to EV if I’ve already solved the Listener and Spectator weekly thematic crosswords. Hmmm…

It looks like most entries are fewer cells than the listed clue answers, and with the title there’s probably some deleting going on, but nothing consistent, so it’s time for a sweep through the clues… there is a 1 across and I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me so a big fail on the 1 across test.  Booo.

It takes until 15 across and MISSEND with an extra I that I start to get anywhere.  A scan through the clues nets only a andful, and a second scan doesn’t add that many, but it does add the crucial ones… ZABAIONE which can’t lose any letters, so in it goes, and DUTCH GUILDER which has to go above it… DUTCH has to fit across the top, confirming that the S at the start of SCISSORS has to go, and then it’s a hmmm moment.  If I take all the S’s out of MISSEND, SCISSORS, ENDORSE and BLASTED as well as GANG from ORGAN-GRINDERS and GUILD from DUTCH GUILDER and everything fits.  S can mean society, so it looks like we’re losing societies, which would also fit with what looks like SOCIETY forming fro arond 4 down and a really helpful THE starting at 5 across in the quote.

Good news is that now I think I have the way of entering answers, so it’s to Bradfords and Word Matcher to look for probable words, which netted UNKINDNESS ,TENUOUS and BLASTED immediately… that got me the rest of the quote – THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SOCIETY by Maggie T (who I guess given the number of remaining letters had to be M THATCHER).

So now we have the method of entry, the quote and all the thematic material is in place… but most of the bottom half of the grid is empty.  There was rather a lot of sursolving to do here, so it was quite a relief when BELEAGUERMENT finally emerged as a possibility for 34 across, completing the grid.


My working grid for Listener 4336, Company Liquidation by Kruger

That was a workout, though I did it in one marathon three-plus-hour session.

2015 tally:  8-0-1

Feel free to tell me that this one was easier starting at the bottom and working up, and I’ll see you next week, really truly on time I hope when Aedites puts our relations in a ship.

And good luck Australia in the World Cup final tonight!


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