Mrs Campbell’s furniture appears to be far more interesting than my own

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, on the eve of the great and mystical Listener “dinner” (in my dreams it is a liquid lunch that lasts more than 24 consecutive hours).  I should have my year in review up by the end of the weekend, I hope – it’s going to be a rocky ride here over the next few days.

OKeydoke – Augeas!  I failed last time by using the wiki entry rather than the something or other dictionary of biology and biography.  I’ve added a tag so you can follow the trail of dismay.  This time around we’ve got extra words, a name, a quotation and a bunch of clues that don’t look like they will fit in the grid provided.  Something about encounters. Hmmm…

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we – the perimeter quote means there’s no chance of a 1 across, and it’s 6 across that remains impervious to a first reading – big fail on the 6 across test!  Better luck with 9 across, an anagram of PURESAMPLE less AS giving EMPURPLE.  Which doesn’t fit.  Hmmm… what does it cross?  A film of giant ants!!! THEM!!! It’s an all-time classic of giant monster forced perspective.  It also doesn’t fit…

Yes, gentle reader, I managed to get much further before realizing that there are simply two letters per cell and both are checked.  D’oh!

I was at the bar solving, and this realization made things motor along – clues falling left and right, and it looked like the middle part of the name was STELLA TAN??R – maybe STELLA TANNER?  A check on the wankerphone reveals MRS CAMPBELL to be the pseudonym of BEATRICE STELLA TANNER.  Whoopeee – a pseudonym I don’t know of  a writer I know even less!  Though CAMPBELL does appear to fit down the bottom right.

I Googled quotes and didn’t find any that seemed to fit.

Back home, time to log in to my work and it’s oh-so-convenient access to Oxford References online to find there are only two quotes by Mrs Campbell, and one is THE DEEP DEEP PEACE OF THE DOUBLE BED AFTER THE HURLY BURLY OF THE CHAUSE LONGUE.  With that around the middle, it was only minor dictionary prodding to get the final grid.

My working grid for Listener 4332, Two's Company by Augeas

Possibly stained with Asheville Brewing Company Shiva Pale Ale.

This was an interesting puzzle and solve… not too tricky despite first appearances, probably took a lot longer to put together than it did to solve (I know that’s always the case, but in terms of an outlay to return ratio, this has to be right up there).  It’s a cute quote, but I suspect without access to ODQ it would have been a pain to sort it out, even given the unchecked letters.

But woohoo – I think I have it out.  Yet again, didn’t submit it (maybe I’ll go a year without submitting, would that make me a candidate for Roddy’s cup?), but that may be out of kindness to Mr. Green, who must have been pining for the completely emptry grids.

Clues of note:

The clues weren’t particularly difficult this time around, but they were fun.  I was fond of

Thailand car — fake — tuk tuk maybe (10) T,AUTO,PHONY.

And of course the giant ants… who could not love the giant ants.

2015 tally:  6-0-0

Feel free to tell me of the importance of Mrs Campbell in your lives (is she somewhere between Mrs Beeton and Mrs Brown?) and see you next week when Flying Tortise appears to want to strafe us.


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