A ravine battles someone hearing a puzzle (

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, and the first appearance of a purple pen I found on a desk somewhere.  Free pen!

I am a complete pen mooch.  If I go to a convention, I’m on a pen scavenger hunt.  Hotels – thanks for the pen!  Conference centers, even better if it comes with a mini notepad.  Finding an abandoned purple pen is very rare indeed!

OKeydoke – Waterloo!  Waterloo specializes in messing up words in the grids, and also catching me out with silly errors.  There’s usually nothing particularly thematic which makes checking the grid at the end tricky.  No difference here – Malaprop’d titles of books, songs, plays, films, popular websites, species of llama. We have an odd indication of the mangled title and have to put in the original word.

OK… I’ll admit that this had just appeared when I met Poat, and he said I might find it a little enervating (well, it is Waterloo).  Let’s solve…

Fortunately one of the malapropisms jumped out at me with SWINGIN’ IN THE RAIN… so SINGIN’ (ugh) goes into the grid and we are away.

Not sure I can say much about the solving process here – I did find a lot of the malapropisms by looking for possible words in Word Wizards and entering them in an Amazon search to see if there was an appropriate book or movie.  I needed this to get THE MIDWICH CUCKOOS, RAGGED TROUSERED PHILANTHROPISTS, A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE and THE CODE OF THE WOOSTERS.  Eventually, here is what we have…


The solution is out, and I think I have it – but there’s a few places where I got extremely lucky…

  • END and BOY were fully checked, and I have no idea what malapropism was used here.  I now know it’s THE DEN OF THE AFFAIR (not sure if I’d have gotten that with an unchecked letter) and A SUITABLE BOY (never heard of it).
  • With HE?RY it has to be HENRY right?  What’s HORRID HENRY?
  • ?SES has to be USES right?  How well known is THE USES OF LITERACY?

So a muted victory to George, and the year is off to a limping start.

Feel free to tell me that I need to become wider read, seen and listened, and see you next week when Stick Insect reduces us to absurdity.

2015 tally:  1-0-0


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