It’s an imposition, not sure how super it was

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword from a week ago.  Ended up stuck in Florida last week, and I guess since there’s so many old people there, it is the land without WiFi!  Couldn’t get on from anywhere, so this went unblogged and I got super busy when I got back.  Yeah, I know, excuses, excuses.

It does mean I expect most has already been said about Listener 4316 except that… take a bow, MynoT – you are the first setter two get a Listener in George vs the Listener for which I’d already set the tags!  I started the tags at the beginning of 2014 to save taking longer over the recalling of the setter’s previous puzzles than the rest of the blog.

OK – I have slipped out of my old routine, but this one was printed out and taken to a late liquid lunch at the usual crosswording spot – I even got the corner of the bar!  Good sign… what do we have – a black spot in the middle of the grid, and clashes that have to be resolved and we have to prove we resolved them and didn’t just use guesswork.   O…. K…. You don’t trust us to resolve clashes on our own, MynoT?  Probably a safe bet.

There is a 1 across, but I couldn’t make head or tail of it at the time… so a fail on the 1 across test! 4 across was definitely (C)EASED which gets us going.  Since the clues were normal I made a pretty decent first of it in the bar – my first three clashes spotted were all E/L so I was wondering what that meant, but then I got two R/P ones.  Hmmm… and then two E/F.   Well it seems to be consistent letters, what do they have in common?

And then two V/W clashes… those are cars aren’t they?  Looks like for real words the R’s have to take it over the P’s, the E’s over the L’s and the W’s over the V (thank you SEESAW for two of those).   Aaaaahhh…. is it really a clash?  The other letter can fit inside the first one.  That’s nifty… I bet you there’s an O,Q clash somewhere – is OAT a word that means something like the answer to 1 across?  Yes! Bingo!

I had most of the grid filled before this discovery – and that degree in Chemistry comes good again, because in optical activity, you’re looking at isomers that can be SUPERIMPOSIBLE or NON-SUPERIMPOSIBLE so it looks like SUPERIMPOSITION will fit the two words of the title.  Woohoo!  There was a little sursolving to go, the last being the BRIDAL/PLAST/ANAMNESES intersection.

My working grid for Listener 4316, Delightful Punishment by MynoT

Hey, cool!  I saw the solution and I think I got this one.  Victory to George, 2014 tally 34-0-7

Feel free to explain to me the black square in the middle.  Is it maybe a clash of all letters of the alphabet written all over each other?


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