Waiter, I’d like to send this theory back, it’s stringy

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, every week, well most weeks bringing you the best in so-so solving and bad jokes.  So what do we have this time around… Tut!  A new setter, a newdonym, an expression of distaste or a familiar term for a Pharaoh.   Whichever one Tut is, hi if you’re looking in.

OKey… a few misprints, but not too many, and all real words in the grid it appears.  This could be some relief after last week’s disaster, let’s get to it, shall we?

There is a 1 across… and I doubt something that is used to shoot Jews in specific would be allowed in the Listener (Listener 34 1/2, “Final Soluton” by Lawrie 8) so that’s probably JETS, and it’s FLAKE shortened to FLAK.  Woohoo, we are away!  What does that cross?  That wordplay in 2 looks like it should be LOCK,RAM, which is like HARN and AERIE is a NEST at altitude.  Wow… three down already out of the 12 misprint clues!  Oh… and FOR appearing on the main diagonal… this is looking promising.

Let’s work our way down this diagonal, shall we… SKIMPIER and COMPUTERS (what an intriguing word) and now we have FORMU… that’s got to be FORMULA, right?  But here comes CINEMATICALLY.  Hmmm… FORMU?T.  Well there goes FORMULA.  Down in the bottom right we have MARK forming… FORMU?TE?MARK.  FOR MUSTER MARK!!! That’s the Joyce quote that lead to the word QUARK being used for sub-subtomic particles.


So those misprints in the first few clues are TOP and UP  and the ones in the start of the down clues appear to be part of STRANGE (which appears to be broken up.

This just left a bit of sursolving – I had the message and was pretty sure of most of the misprints.  Part of the sursolving was a little tricky – FOSS had to fit the (modified) definition, but I don’t quite get the wordplay in the clue, similarly for CHIMERAS, but with only two unchecked letters, and a clear definition, I think I have a complete grid.

My working grid for Listener 4313,  Weak Force by Tut

Woohoo – two sciencey ones in a row!  And I believe I can claim a Victory for George.

Premature, idiot!  Tut has checked in and informed me of a rookie mistake.  To be honest, I think I just bunged in INES remembering an older listener where Prime Ministers were clued by adding small words to their first names and CLEMENT became CLEMENTINES.  That the bible book wasn’t ES didn’t occur to me at all, and the Byron I’ve read could fit on the back of a dirty postcard (do those exist anymore)?

2014 tally:  31-0-7

Feel free to tell me about how Joyce also gave names to iPhones, the internet and Pokemon, and see you next week when ‘Eck gives us all a crossword that can go green.




2 Responses

  1. Dear George.

    Your guess about Tut was nearly correct, if you look below.

    Weak Force originally had misprints in every clue. I simplified it when I realised that solvers would get the quote easily and use this to solve the clues.

    Ah well. It was an easy one but it looks like you made a mistake writing INES instead of INEZ. EZ. for EZRA is a book in the bible. ES. isn’t. Besides in the poem by Byron he always uses INEZ, never INEZ.

    Enjoyed your blog. Keep up coming!

    Best Wishes
    Colin Pharo (Tut)

    • Whoopsy – well there goes that claim to correctness, and congratulations Tut in getting three of my weak points into one clue – Byron, the bible and girl’s names! Thanks for the note.

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