For a sequel maybe a Y-shaped coffin?

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, the blog that may lift, but to the relief of Duck, will never separate.

Oh dear it’s been a busy week – I’m making my musical debut, singing the role of Barrel in a production of Urinetown and I’m up against all sorts of writing deadlines, comedy and non-comedy, so this may be a short blog.  I’ll make up for it in pictures!

Charybdis time – I’ve done some tagging so you can read all about my previous battles with Charybdis at the bottom.  It’s been a similar pattern, not too tricky grid fill, but then the endgame has often held me up for ages.  Here it looks like we have another grid of real words (yay) and apart from extra words in the clues, no other trickery.  Yay real words!

And there’s a 1 across – we haven’t had one of those for a while. (p)ILLS gets us going, a big pass on the 1 across test and CHILDHOOD is the first extra word – way to bolster the old confidence, Charybdis!

I must have been in solv-o-matic mode or completely on Charybdis’ wavelength, because not only were clues falling left, right and center, but I spotted “THE L SHAPED” in the second row pretty quickly.  Wasn’t there something called “THE L SHAPED ROOM”?  Yes there was, by LYNNE REID BANKS that forms a nice L sticking underneath.  I think we have a theme.  I had heard of it but not read it nor seen the movie, sounds depressing.  Not as much fun as a musical about water conservation featuring a lot of toilet humor!  It wasn’t long before I had a complete grid… but no OM to go with THE L SHAPED RO… and since all the extra words had at least one L in them, I’d put together the messages as DRAW NET TOTAL AREA IS 34 WRAP TITLE TO MAKE WALLS.


My working grid for Listener 4310 - Net Book Arrangement by Charybdis


And now the fun begins.  I’m updating this long after the solution came out and I’m surprised at the number of solvers saying that they didn’t cotton on to the definition of “net” because it came up in an Oyler puzzle two years ago.  But what did the net of an L look like?  The area is 34… is that the total surface of the net?  I guess the title has to be a part of it, but where is the rest of this net?

Stupid George isn’t good at re-reading preambles, because after two days of drawing nets, nothing was coming to me.

Of course the answer is in the preamble – the letters of DARK SCREEN can make an L-ish shape from the top and the letters of PRESS FLATS can make one below…. cutting those and wrapping what I had of the title at the top revealed the OM – it’s from the WO in TWO-TIME upside down.  Kind of like that old WREN from a few Christmases ago.  I made a copy of my grid and hacked away at it to get this…

My room folded

It took me the whole week so I was bucking up against the deadline, but I got a message from Charybdis that my comments came through and my name wasn’t on the unsuccessful list, so I believe I can call this one a Victory to George!  Woohoo!

2014 tally:  30-0-5

Feel free to tell me that I should write these up in one go and see you next week (or in about 15 minutes) when Chalicea offers to blanch our carte.


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