A final sigh of relief with Ruslan

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword – where Ruslan appears to be moving in to Jimi Hendrix territory by having nearly as many posthumous releases as ones released during his lifetime!  I thought Ruslan had the last laugh last year – Ruslan puzzles feature in the hall of shame and I could not get a handle on the last one.  I’ll add tags to them soon, WordPress’s new “editor” (motto:  you can type things in boxes but there’s no guarantee they’ll make it to the page) seems to be having issues with me going back and tagging old entries while I still have a draft entry present.

OK – what have we here – prime numbers greater than 3 (hey, two weeks of prime numbers in a row!  bet that makes some of you feel awesome) can be expressed as 6n+1 or 6n – 1.

Grab nifty online references of the first 1000 prime numbers and away we go…

I had about two pages of notes, but now as I come to write this, I can’t remember where I started – I think with the teeny tiny ones.  There were only two possible entries for 2 (2,2), 52 and 70.  All entries had to end in even numbers, and most of the rest was hunt-and-pecking through the pretty small list of possibilities.  It seemed most of the time there was not a great deal of difference between the multiples of 6 that needed to be added together, so you could guess what the first digit or two in each entry was likely to be and work from there.

My main problem came from wanting to write the actual products of the primes somewhere.  Once finding 61 X 97, there was no need to even write down 5917… I think somewhere along the way I stopped writing down the actual product of the primes, unless it looked like it might not fit the number of digits specified in the answer.  About two hours of calculator mashing later, I had a grid…


My working grid for Listener 4308 Sub-prime more-gains relief by Ruslan

It is sad that this is the last Ruslan Listener – a setter of intriguing numericals!  Some I got, some I missed, all I admired (I think “Beating the Bookies” was marvelously inventive).  So a final wooohooo and Victory to George and vale Ruslan.

2014 tally:  29-0-5.

Feel free to share anything about Ruslan and the art of the crossnumber, and see you next week when Gos realizes those prime numbers may have left us a little green


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