I know Dipper digs trees, but in this way?

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, the blog that WordPress does not like to edit.  Not sure if anyone else uses WordPress, but they’ve made their editing interface more unreliable obtuse buggy likely to just flash three dots and “beep boop boop” while you wait to see if it’s actually saving any changes user-friendly.

It’s time for our perennial (or semi-annual) trip to Dippertown, which means there’s going to be some gardening going on.  And there is – the grid represents the garden again and there’s misprints telling us what to do at the end.

This Listener came out while I was on the road, so I didn’t really get a chance to get started on it in the usual time.  I managed to find an open printer and printed it off somewhere along the line and I remember starting it in a meeting room in San Francisco when I was probably meant to be paying attention to a lecture.  Looks like all real words in the grid so a little cellphone dictionary access cheating could go on.

There is a 1 across but I couldn’t figure it out at a first look, so a big fail on the 1-across test. Better luck on the right hand side of the grid with a hidden EASE giving a second letter of A.  You know at this point I thought “wonder if that first word is GARDEN” and if I’d done so I could have saved myself a headache later on with the top left.

I managed to make pretty steady work along the right hand side but as entries were going in I was starting to get bewildered by the misprints… is this message in English?  CLUED TREES looked like the last two words, but before that I had a bunch of gobbledygook.

With about a dozen empty squares in the grid, I was really trying to deconvolute that message.  GARDEN’S OLD?  GARDEN SOLD?  Is the misprint in 27 across toE or tIp?  And 33 has to be LO,SINGLY, but what on earth from PEARS gets you LO?


I wrote about five different versions of that message out, and eventually I’ve settled on GARDEN SOLD TO BUILDERS CLEAR PLOT ??? TREES – that’s probably FOR in the question marks, but my current notes have LAR

So I guess the TREES are in those thematic clues, which would make sense.  The last one looks like OPEPE, and that’s a tree and… aaaaah, it’s in the grid, down there in the bottom right!  Quick, grab Bradfords with a helpful list of 5-letter trees.  HEVEA is also in the grid – that could be HEAVE with the A moved.  MYALL is there too, was RIK MAYALL also a guitarist?  Hmmm… apparently there’s a JOHN MAYALL.  Never heard of him.

My working grid for Listener Crossword 4306, Hosta la Vista by DipperI didn’t submit this, because I got back after the deadline, but I *think* we are meant to erase the trees.  I don’t think moving them around does anything, and I don’t think there’s anything they can be replaced with that would lead to real words in the grid.  But I can’t figure out that last word in the instruction, so I’m going to call this one a victory to Dipper and the Listener Crossword.

2014 tally: 27-0-5

Feel free to tell me how to dig up information and see you next week when Wan appears to have put genitalia in the title of a Listener.



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  1. Actually you’re meant to erase everything BUT the trees! “Clear plot bar clued trees”. On another forum it was mentioned cryptically that this would be “easy for the checker” because of having only 15 cells to get right…

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