I solved this quickly, but I may have been doping

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, your source for all things possibly solvey.

And what have we this week?  It’s Jago!  What do we know about Jago – usually puzzles around a specific theme (we had the Diamond Jubilee, and Christmas wrens) and the solving has been pretty gentle in both cases, though I can’t fold a crane to save myself.

So… I printed this off, went for a coffee (wasn’t quite beer time yet), read the preamble, and wrote this.


Solved before even getting started!  Hot damn!

There was really only one catch while I was working through – I wasn’t familiar with the GRAND DEPART and had to look up a webpage about the Tour to confirm it. I also suspected HARROWGATE was the finishing point but wanted to confirm it in case there was somewhere named HAGROSADE that suddenly got a lot of cyclists.

Not much else to add, this was all over in about a half an hour and in the mail on Saturday morning.  Victory to George!

2014 tally:  24-0-3

Feel free to tell me about how awesome it was to watch them all ride by, if any of them put clackers in their bikes, and see you next week when Ottorino reminds us that all else fails.  And get excited, because in two weeks time comes the return of hatred towards playfair ciphers!


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